A mini Chinese New Year gathering

It was just last Thursday that Chap Goh Mei was celebrated to the mark the end of the Chinese New Year celebration. But that didn't stop the staff and students to have a mini Chinese New Year gathering on the eve of it =)

The lion dance performance kicked off with the lighting of the firecrackers before the pair of lions went inside to the lobby.

The duo getting ready

Moments after the firecrackers were lit
If you're wondering, 
 Here's the lovely Principal, Stella Lau to present the offering to the duo

The theme for that day was RED, so basically NEARLY every staff and students were dressed in RED =) It was so RED that the campus was close to being RED for a while =)

A section of the staff in RED

A section of the students and staff in RED

Students in RED =)

Here's Stella giving a short speech wishing and thanking everyone who attended. 

And not forgetting the college's Student Council President, Brendan Chin who was the emcee for the next activity ...........

Hello Mr. Student Council President =)

There was an activity among the staff and students where everyone was divided into groups. Each group had to sing a song according to the theme that was written on the paper. The scenario was hilarious as everyone was trying to figure out the songs just so it does not match with other groups.

English oldies, anybody?

Basically, the lobby was filled with a short verse of every possible English oldies that each group had to sing.

Here's the Tourism Management students trying to belt out their song!

Here's another section who was quite the competitor among the rest of the groups

Another excited group

At last, everyone was the winner because the whole point of this activity is to bond the fellowship between staff and students =)

Also, the Principal Award ceremony was held after the activity. Congrates to the 8 recipients! =)

The hungry staff and students were treated to a light refreshment after the ceremony.

**Credit to Jie Chiam for the pictures

High achievers rewarded

We would like to congratulate to the high achievers who scored high distinctions in their last semester's examinations. The eight recipients received their Principal Award during the ceremony held yesterday at the main campus =)

They are:
  • Benny Wong Wee Fung (DiHM)
  • Chan Khin See (DiGD)
  • Chai Poh Zhuang (DiA)
  • Tan Chun Ping (DiA)
  • Vivian Leong Pei Hsia (DiA)
  • Lee Jin Yao (DiBA)
  • Mark Hsu Kian (DiBA)
  • Rock Stevie Jee Boon Leong (DiBA)
The students with their Programme Coordinators and Principal, Stella Lau.

Look who's in the news!

All work and no play makes the students of FNAH dull! =) Soooo ............... they have organised an outdoor trip to Santubong!

SEGi's FNAH faculty had recently appeared in last Tuesday's publication of The Borneo Post.

Please click here for your further reading!



Chinese New Year Firework Outing

Nothing to do on CNY's eve? Wanna learn how to capture firework photos? Wanna learn light painting? If YES, head over to Taman Sahabat tomorrow at 10.30pm =) Killing two birds with one stone, you'll not only learn some photography techniques but also to watch the colourful fireworks when the clock strikes midnight to usher in the Chinese New Year!