Sales input to young business minded generation

KUCHING: The Entrepreneurship Club of SEGi College Sarawak brings sales knowledge to students who have the ambition to become entrepreneurs. 

Mr. Lau Wee Ming, Lecturer from Faculty of Business and Accountancy, SEGi College Sarawak, was invited to be the speaker for this event.

Mr. Lau Wee Ming has vast experience in sales and has been involved in various research and consultancy projects for both the public and private sector. His research and consultancy work have seen him travel to countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia. 

This event was organised with the aim of creating an awareness and understanding of sales and as well as to differentiate between sales and marketing. Students were also exposed to industrial knowledge from by Mr. Lau during the event. Later, students were given the chance to ask questions during a Q&A session.

Being in sales, a person needs to have tough skin and according to Mr. Lau, “no matter what the obstacle may be, no one should back down from a challenge and must continue to strive on to success”.

“I believe this sales talk will give relevant input to our students from Faculty of Business and Accountancy. Entrepreneurship Club did a very good job in organising an event that brings tangible benefits to the students, especially those who are studying in the same field” said Madam Elina Tiu, Principal of SEGi College Sarawak.

This session was sponsored by John’s Pie, an organisation that focuses on pastry production. Some of the products such as apple pies, smoked chicken pies and more were brought over to ­­­­this session by Mr. John Sim, the Manager of John’s Pie.

“I would like to thank Mr. John Sim for his support and generosity to sponsor this event”, added Tiu.

The organising committee, Entrepreneurship Club, is a club formed under the Faculty of Business and Accountancy with objective of encouraging students of the Faculty to participate in activities that benefit their studies.

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