Medical laboratory technologists

We're in the last Saturday's Borneo Post =) Those who would are keen to know about the benefits of studying medical laboratory technology should have a read on this!

Mountain Hiking at Gunung Gading

All work and no play makes Jane and John a dull duo, no?

A group of 19 students and 3 staff from our FNAH campus made a trip to Lundu for a mountain hiking in Gunung Gading last Sunday! Despite the early morning downpour that occured as early as 5 in the morning, that didn't deter the excited group to be looking forward for their trip!

 The students with Student Affairs Exec, Mr. Faizul (2nd from right)

Group picture after the hiking!

They even managed to stop at Pandan Beach since it was a 15 minutes drive from Gunung Gading National Park.

Educational trip to the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre

I had the opportunity to join a group of 29 MLT students of Batch 1-5 accompanied by 2 of their lecturers to the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre in Semengoh on Monday. I was about 15 minutes late *woops* but I was able to catch the slideshows that Ms. Asha was presenting to the students.

Ms. Asha was on hand to give a brief presentation about the centre, its contribution and such.

No educational field trip is complete without their lecturers giving them questions based on the presentation/field trip as part of their weekly tutorial assignments before the tour around the facility =)

Mr. Then distributing assignment topic to each of the group

The studentssss ............. ! =)

After the presentation, all of us headed to the (traditional) documentation block a.k.a herbarium section where most of the plants are stored and labeled to document their species, collector's name, venue of collection and such in the database.

The students listening to the officer's explanation in full concentration on how plants are collected, mounted on the special sheet and labeled.

A section of the lab where some of the plants were also kept in plastic bottle/jar/

Apparently, not only plants were documentated but animals and insects too. Here are just some of the specimens that I managed to take a picture of.

Don't be fooled =)

My camera didn't do these insects justice because they looked small. But really, they were H U G E !!! I can't imagine the horror if anyone who has fear for these creatures sees one of these in real life *gasp!*

From snakes to moonrat .... They're all kept in this one particular room ...

Next, we went to another section of the centre, which is the Preparation Lab.

Leaves, barks, roots, branches of plants are dried first before the distillation.

Showing the equipments and how the plants are process to the students ...

Jotting down notes for their assignment =))

Touring around the Laila Taib Ethnobotanical Garden. A lot of plants used for medicinal purposes by the indigenouss tribe in Sarawak for both human and animals can be found here.

And finally for a group picture of the students and their lecturers.

Madam Cynthia standing far left, while Mr. Then standing far right.
The rest, MLT Batch 1-5 students!

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It's Ladies Day today!

Whether you're a student,
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March roadshow for April's intake =)

Next month's roadshow schedule for our April intake, to be held in various parts in Sarawak.
12.03.2011 - SATURDAY
10.00 AM - 1.30 PM - Kingwood Hotel, Mukah
10.00 AM - 4.00 PM - Tanahmas Hotel, Sibu

13.03.2011 - SUNDAY
10.00 AM - 4.00 PM - Meligai Hotel, Kapit & Tanahmas Hotel, Sibu

14.03.2011 - MONDAY
10.00 AM - 2.00 PM - Bilik Mesyuarat, Pejabat Daerah, Song
10.00 AM - 3.00 PM - Dragon Inn Hotel, Sarikei

15.03.2011 - TUESDAY
10.00 AM - 1.30 PM - Ruang Legar, Dewan Masyarakat, Pejabat Daerah, Kanowit
10.00 AM - 3.00 PM - Victoria Inn, Saratok

16.03.2011 - WEDNESDAY
10.00 AM - 2.00 PM - Ming Kiong Hotel Lobby, Bintangor
10.00 AM - 3.00 PM - Betong Plaza Hotel, Betong

17.03.2011 - THURSDAY
10.00 AM - 4.00 PM - Imperial Hotel, Miri & Dewan Mesyuarat, Majlis Daerah Bau

18.03.2011 - FRIDAY
10.00 AM - 4.00 PM - Imperial Hotel, Miri & Bilik Mesyuarat, Majlis Daerah Lundu

19.03.2011 - SATURDAY
10.00 AM - 4.00 PM - Parkcity Everly Hotel, Bintulu
10.00 AM - 3.00 PM - Electra House, Kuching

20.03.2011 - SUNDAY
10.00 AM - 4.00 PM - Parkcity Everly Hotel, Bintulu
10.00 AM - 3.00 PM - Electra House, Kuching

21.03.2011 - MONDAY
10.00 AM - 3.00 PM - Niah Cave Inn, Batu Niah

23.03.2011 - WEDNESDAY
10.00 AM - 4.00 PM - Bilik Santapan, Dewan Masyarakat Serian

21.03.2011 - 25.03.2011 - MONDAY - FRIDAY
8.30 AM - 8.00 PM - SEGi College Sarawak, 211 Jln Bukit Mata Kuching


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Jacks and Jills hiking up Gunung Serapi

A couple of weeks ago, a large group of participating 8 staff and 44 students from our FNAH campus organised a hiking trip to Gunung Serapi in Matang.

Gunung Serapi is a mountain in Kubah National Park, near Kuching, Sarawak. It is 911 meters high, and it is possible to track right up to its summit. The trail to the summit starts at the park headquarters of Kubah National Park. 

Student Affairs Executive, Mr Faizul briefed the staff and students before they were briefed again on their safety by the management of Kubah National Park.

Students on stand-by at the management office before starting their hike.
So excited!

 Up, up, and away to the summit ...

The hiking started at 9 a.m. and upon reaching 500 feet, a few students started to feel tired and took a rest. One of the staff, Ms. Hamni waved her white flag and surrendered to climbing the mountain then. Those who continued the journey reached the summit trail around 11 a.m. while some reached around 12 p.m.

Among one of the few signs along the trail, "Natural Frog Pond".

  Students having a laugh with Faizul upon reaching the summit. Probably a sign of relief from the hiking, perhaps? =)

 Students taking a break ... Their smiles hiding the pain on their legs heh ;))

One of the other groups who had their own taste of mountain hiking too.

After a short rest over lunch, everyone departed to the waterfall which took them nearly one hour to arrive! Seeing that Mother Nature has not been "friendly" for the past few days, they were at the waterfall for less than an hour as a safety for their well-being.
The view of the waterfall.
Nice, isn't it?  

One of the students injured himself when he tried to walk down the stairs (which happened to be the hiking path)! Fortunately for him, the a group of Health Department staff were around as well who brought their 4WD to the summit. Thus, asking their help to bring the injured student accompanied by Madam Ling to the base.

A group of everyone who were waiting to depart back to Kuching. Tiring but t'was an enjoyable moment for everyone =)