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INDUSTRY DRIVEN… Those taking the Faculty of Hospitality programmes will undergo internships like SEGi student Vanessa Senaya ak Changgai.

KUCHING: The tourism industry is one of the most resilient industries irregardless of economic influences and there is evidence to prove this too. 

Despite the global economic crises being at the worst in 2008, the tourist arrivals in Malaysia did not drop, on the contrary they have continued rising since 1998, as recorded by the Tourist Development Corporation of Malaysia.

In addition to this, it is expected that there will be an increase in expenditure by international tourists in Malaysia in 2011. The estimation is based on a market research report on ‘Opportunities in Malaysian Tourism Industry (2007-2009)’.

“This means that there are bright prospects for job opportunities in the tourism industry,” said Alan Tan, SEGi College Sarawak Vice Principal of Academic. 

“In fact, there is already a shortage in manpower in Malaysia. This is not surprising as many skilled Malaysians in this industry are being snatched up by employers in other countries by offering them higher salaries and better employment packages.”

Students who decide to pursue a career in the tourism industry need not fear about finding work as this is one of the industries that has sustainable growth in both mainstream and niche markets such as medical tourism and cultural-tourism.

Diploma and degree holders in hotel management or tourism management can gain employment in a wide range of companies, be it in hotels, tourism companies, airline companies, economic development agencies, tourism development bodies as well as the food and beverage industry. 

SEGi College Sarawak offers the Diploma in Tourism Management and Diploma in Hotel Management that fully equip students to excel in the industry. Graduates from SEGi will have a strong foundation for success in their careers. 

Most of SEGi College Sarawak students were offered jobs by the industry players at the end of their internship even before they graduated. This is an added advantage to the internship programme as well as assuring students that the diplomas are truly industry driven and recognised by these companies.

In addition, the College has many university partners in UK and Australia where diploma holders can articulate into the degree equivalent.

SEGi has collaboration with the University of Sunderland, UK, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK and University of Southern Queensland, Australia

“Students at SEGi also enjoy opportunity for hands-on experience at leading hotels through its internship programme. This helps to further instil in its students good attitude, strong professional ethics, good people skills, a hard-working nature, humility, a good command of English and other skills and positive traits,” said Tan.
These skills will not only help them to launch their career but also provide a framework for life-long learning.
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