SEGi MLT diploma opens pathway to new expertise

Students are equipped with all the necessary skills to conduct elaborate laboratory experiments which will open them to vast opportunities in the workforce.

KUCHING: SEGi College Sarawak’s Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology can be the foundation upon which graduates delve into new areas of expertise like forensic science and veterinary services.

Both of the aforementioned areas require spheres of expertise as well as very similar training skills as those which are taught in Medical Laboratory Technology where emphasis is on the development of clinical laboratory skills.

The similarity in the training opens up more opportunities than merely just those related to clinical laboratories.

“In SEGi, we train our students to develop critical thinking, technical and interpersonal skills, which can help them in their vast future undertaking,” said Angela Huam, SEGi College Sarawak’s Programme Coordinator for Medical Laboratory Technology.

“Most students opt to become Medical Laboratory Technicians but they need not follow this path. There are many more options.”

She said students are usually unaware of their potential or the typical job scope of a Medical Laboratory Technician.

A typical day for a Medical Laboratory Technician includes running a variety of guided routine diagnostic blood and other body fluid tests in chemistry, haematology, urinalysis, immunohaematology, microbiology and immunology, with the result of the test will providing valuable information needed to take further action in the given case.

Similar to what is seen in the hit series “CSI”, in the area of forensic science, the objective is to deduce all of what is possible from evidence, whilst, in veterinary services, typical duties would include performing various medical tests to diagnose medical conditions and diseases of animals.

As specific methods of analysing cases or evidence can often not be carried out at the scene, the sample and objects recovered are then brought into the laboratory for further action – where basic clues to the absence, present, extent, and cause of diseases or crime are thoroughly searched.

All of these areas rely primarily on skilled individuals who are responsible for performing laboratory tests efficiently and accurately, areas in which the students of the Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology are extensively trained.

In addition, those who are interested to enrol in this programme are eligible to apply for financial support via government loans, or they can opt for EPF withdrawal or SEGi’s interest-free instalment payment.

The minimum entry requirement for Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology is three SPM credits and English proficiency is an added advantage.

Registration of students is in progress and the start of class is on 22nd August, 2011.

Interested applicants can contact SEGi toll-free at 1-300-88-7344 or 082-252566 or via email at, or walk-in to our main campus at 211, Jalan Bukit Mata Kuching for immediate registration.


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