Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education is a booming industry in Malaysia and is one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide. Those who have the passion to nurture yound children will find careers in this line to be extremely satisfying and rewarding.

This Diploma in Early Childhood Education is intended for early childhood professionals or parents who wish to tap into their children's potential and maximize this potential.

Early childhood is defined as a time of remarkable brain development for children up to age of 6 as these are the years that lay the foundation for subsequent learning. During a child's development, many influences are responsible for shaping the way they see the world, the way they shape their ideas, their own identity and their place within society. 

Because children learn through play, those who take up this programme will learn how to identif, analyze and understand the social, mental psychological and physical aspects of children's culture and development in hte four stages of growth from conception to adolescence. 

Graduates of this diploma will be well-rounded, committed and versatile early childhood educators who are knowledgeable in theory anbd competent in practical skills.

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