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SEGi rewards 11 students for their academic excellence
FRONT, right-left: Wee Wee Binti Buyong  (DIN) , Mdm. Dayang Jakiah Awang Yahya, Mdm. Stella Lau, Mr. Willian Munan, Tan Chun Ping (DIA)
BACK, right-left: Maybelline Chew (DITM),  Susanna Chew Hui (DITM), Chew Ai Ping (FIC), Tracy Lim  Li Mei (DIMC), Gradys Lee Sin Jung (DITM), Chai Poh Zhaung  (DIA), Joanne Lo Fui Senn (DECE), Kuan Siaw Fung (DECE), Sally Sim Boon San (DECE)  

KUCHING – Eleven students at SEGi College Sarawak were recognized for their academic excellence during the Principal’s Award 2011 Ceremony held in the main campus recently.

Amongst the recipients were Wee Wee Binti Buyong (Dip. In Nursing), Tracy Lim Li Mei (Dip. In Mass Communication), Maybelline Chew (Dip. in Tourism Management), Susana Chew Hui (Dip. in Tourism Management), Gradys Lee Sin Jung (Dip. in Tourism Management), Chai Poh Zhuang (Dip. in Accounting, Tan Chun Ping (Dip. in Accounting), Joanne Lo Fui Senn (Dip. in Early Childhood Education), Kuan Siaw Fung (Dip. in Early Childhood Education), Sally Sim Boon San (Dip. in Early Childhood Education) and Chew Ai Ping (Foundation in Commerce).

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the recipients of the Principal’s Award, and to let them know that they have proven to the College and to themselves that they are among the Top 5 percent of students studying here,” said SEGi College Sarawak’s Principal, Mdm. Stella Lau.

“We believe that by taking the time to present performance awards to our students we can increase their motivation exponentially.”

The College acknowledged that learning is not always an easy process, but it is best done in a positive environment, and to account for that, awards and recognition are among the approaches used to create a good environment and inspire students to excel in their educational progress.

One might start as a first grade student that loves coming to school and learning new things, but by the time they reach college, the desire to learn might decreased greatly.

In order to keep students’ motivation going and help their desire to excel, the College has considered giving performance award to students, “this will give them reason to excel, and will also create a more positive environment in their classroom”.

This is proven by one of the recipient, Tan, a student from Diploma in Accounting who has receive the academic excellence award twice.

“This award definitely empowers me to do my best in my studies and it makes me feel appreciated when my efforts are recognized by the college,” said Tan.

“I would like to send my gratitude to all the lecturers that have helped me, it is their support that enables me to excel in my studies and receive this award twice.”

Commenting on the Principal’s award, Tan said that this award is not impossible to achieve,
“all it takes is just some discipline and a little hard work – any students can achieve it” he added.

SEGi College Sarawak understands that by appreciating the students, they will be much more likely to enjoy learning which can lead to increased productivity and learning effectiveness.

“Everyone likes to feel special once in a while, by giving the students recognition for a job well done, we hope that we can help build their confidence and belief in themselves,” Lau added.

The Principal’s Award is awarded to students from any academic programme offered in SEGi College Sarawak and is based solely on students’ academic achievement each semester.

Eligible recipients must obtain GPA’s of 4.0 or 2-4 distinctions depends on the length of semester where the results origin.

Rated 5-star by the MOHE MyQuest rating, SEGi College Sarawak is now open for its January 2012 intake. For more information on the courses offered, please log on to our website or walk in to our main campus at 211, Jalan Bukit Mata, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak or call our toll-free number 1-300-88-7344 or 082 – 252566.

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