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SEGi College Sarawak offer international internship 

KUCHING – International internships are one of the most effective ways of giving students the experience of a different working culture, said the Principal of SEGi College Sarawak, Madam Elina Tiu in her speech during the English Intensive Programme Graduation Ceremony that took place in the main campus at Jalan Bukit Mata recently.

11 Students from Daeduk University and Tongwon University of South Korea graduated last week after completing their English Intensive Programme in SEGi College Sarawak.

The partnership programme with two of the prominent universities in  South Korea enabled their students to experience everything Malaysia has to offer as well as attending their English language course, specifically catered to them as part of the their internship programmes in their respective university.

Through this programme, the students will not just participate in an English language enhancement programme for a number of weeks but they will also send to either 4 or 5-star hotel to commence on their internship.

“We believe that the international internship programmes will sharpen the skills that you learned in class”

“The whole experienced will teach you to use the foreign language that was taught and to apply it in this kind of internship requirement will really test how much you learned – if you just learned the language in a mediocre way then you will have a hard time during your internship and a lot of catching up will need to be done” said Tiu.

She also added that through internship, the students explore a variety career options, sharpen their skills in cross-cultural communication and negotiations, and deepen their understanding of the challenges of the global economy.
She explained that the programme is designed for students who wish to improve their English language skills and gain more work experience in Malaysia. These international students would have the opportunity to utilise the language in an everyday work environment.

The certificates were issued by the respective hotels to the Korean students upon completion of the programme.

“It is very exciting to be able to offer this meaningful learning opportunity to them” added Tiu.

“It is more than a language study abroad programme. Through an internship, the Korean student can give something back to the (host) country, instead of simply absorbing its language and culture – the experience is more significant when both sides contribute”.

With 35 years of experience in providing industry driven diplomas and degrees, SEGi College has made itself one of the most prominent colleges in Malaysia.

The college provide its students with a broad-based knowledge and employment skills for dealing with demanding jobs in fast-changing globalised world.

“We have carefully structured our courses so that they can cover a wide range of professional skills and knowledge closely based on what the industry demands and an extensive range of subjects and courses that will help students to excel in their chosen career”

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