Gawai in the City

Last Friday (6th July 2012), SEGi College Sarawak participated in the "Gawai in the City" event held in New Wing, Boulevard Shopping Mall, Kuching. This event was organized by AZAM Sarawak

AZAM Sarawak stands for Angkatan Zaman Mansang (AZAM) which means a "Movement for Progress" is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation which seeks to facilitate development efforts in Sarawak through promoting development communication. 

The program started from 5pm  and end at 9.30pm. 

Program Schedule

5.00 PM        “Bidangi” / “Tabuh”, Traditional Music Played

6.00 PM         Arrival of Guest
                        Welcoming Drinks
                        Competition “Pekit nyumpit”

7.30 PM         Arrivals of VIP
Welcoming Speech by AZAM Sarawak
Traditional Costume Shows by Traditional Idol Contestants
                        Flashmob Dance Performance: Traditional Dance
                        Sape / Cultural performance
Speech by VIP
                        Prize presentation & Souvenir presentation to VIP
Traditional dance Competition: Iban, Bidayuh & Orang Ulu Ethnic dance from the crowd
Light Refreshments
Traditional Music Played “Tabuh ajat”

9.30 PM         Ends

Traditional Musician group
Contestant for Beauty Competition
Michelle Urai - SEGi College Sarawak representative

Juliana Umee - SEGi College Sarawak representative

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