Knowledgeable Graduates needed by Employers

A Lecturer is in the middle of giving lessons to a student on the concept of drawing.  

Students busy with experimentation in Medical Technology Laboratory.

KUCHING: Employability will always be one of the top concerns for both parents and students upon graduation. Somewhere in the midst of job hunting, graduates will undoubtedly go through situations where the potential employer would prefer knowledgeable candidates and where having experience in the similar industry would be an added advantage.

As a result, this could pose great concerns to fresh graduates due to their lack of industry experience. Foreseeing this as an employability challenge, SEGi College Sarawak incorporates relevant industry experiences and exposure into their programmes which enables their students to be trained as well as understand the industry needs, ultimately increase their employability values upon graduation.

According to SEGi College Sarawak’s Principal, Madam Elina Tiu, SEGi believes in continuous improvements especially when it comes to their programmes and learning modules so as to ensure they are abreast with current industry needs.  This provides students with the opportunity to understand the industry better and, coupled with guidance from experienced and dedicated lecturers with strong industry backgrounds, the learning processes and graduates outcomes are enhanced.

“Both learned knowledge and industrial practices are equally important in order to produce industrial driven graduates. Through this way, students will be more analytical and able to develop critical thinking. For final year students, they will undergo industrial training with our valued corporate partners to sharpen their skills and knowledge before they graduate”, said Madam Tiu.

"Yong and Oh Chartered Accountants is one of our valued corporate partners (VCP’s) that have taken our students into their organisation to partake in the internship program. According to them, students from SEGi College Sarawak have shown that they are able to handle the job description very well and they are pleased with their interpersonal skills. Other VCP’s and employers have also given much positive feedback, such as the students adaptability with the working culture, ability to perform to job roles and high confidence level”, added Tiu.

SEGi College Sarawak offers courses in various fields such as Business, Accounting, Law, Design, Hospitality and Psychology, among others, with most of the programmes including an element of industrial training in the final year.

Programmes available at SEGi College Sarawak have received recognition from Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA) and Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). Apart from that, SEGi College Sarawak provides financial aid in the form of study loans and scholarships to high achievers in SPM and STPM.

For more information about SEGi College Sarawak, call 1-300-88-7344 or 082 – 252566 or walk-in to the main campus at, 211, Jalan Bukit Mata, Kuching, email or visit or 

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