SEGi Law Society Photo Hunt Supported by Nikon

KUCHING: The SEGi Law Society is organising a Photo Hunt on the 17th of September with SEGi College Sarawak as the starting point.

The Hunt will lead teams armed with digital cameras through the historical routes and heart of Kuching City, in pursuit of landmarks, structures, objects and other subject matters corresponding to a set of clues provided.

Teams will be allocated a set duration of time in which to complete their hunt to the furthest extent possible. 

The competition is not just limited to students, but has been opened to the lecturers and staff of the college as well.

The Photo Hunt is fully supported and sponsored by Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, and the Grand Prize is a Coolpix S1200PJ Compact Camera for each member of the team that scores the highest number of points for capturing the correct photos and displaying creativity in doing so.

Three other teams will also be receiving consolation prizes in the form of goodies courtesy of Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

“The key objective behind this competition is to encourage students and staff to forge of a strong sense of teamwork and to mingle with one another. We also aim to inspire participants into appreciate and be more aware of the sights that characterise our city, not to mention getting in touch with the heritage of Kuching”, explains Derrick Moh, President of the SEGi Law Society. “Furthermore, a Photo Hunt demands sharp skills of observation whilst being a test of local knowledge; all elements which are of value towards character development.”

The SEGi Law Society is a club established under the Faculty of Law, SEGi College Sarawak.

It is dedicated to uniting and integrating the college’s law students, organising events and activities that compliment the study of law, and enriching, enlivening and enhancing the college experience for its members.

Activities that the Society has organised in the past include gatherings, court visits and field trips, including one such trip to the Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) while it was in session.

Future activities planned include workshops and a competition for mooting amongst its members.

“Having activities with a team building spirit will cultivate students’ teamwork values, an essential skill in any organisational environment. I would like to express my gratitude to Nikon for encouraging and supporting our students in making this event happen”, said Mdm. Elina Tiu, Principal of SEGi College Sarawak.

The Faculty of Law offers programmes in collaboration with renowned international partner universities.

Aspiring students may acquire a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) through the University of London (UOL) International Programme, whereas the Diploma in Law (DIL) awarded by SEGi College Sarawak is a gateway for graduates to complete their degree in Northumbria University (NU) in the United Kingdom or Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia. 

The Faculty is also equipped with facilities constructed specifically for honing the skills demanded of law students by the legal industry, including its own Moot Court for the simulation of a courtroom environment. 

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