New SEGi Sarawak Team for 2013 academic year

Line-up of 2013 Council member (front row) and 2012 Council members (back row)
A new team has been elected to the SEGi College Sarawak Student Council to lead students in the year of 2013. Council members, lead by President Mr. Christensen Anyom anak Clemson, are ready to face the challenges and make 2013 the best possible year for SCSwk students.

Speaking like a true leader, Mr. Christensen is ready to serve his fellow classmates and strives to emulate a happening college environment with both academic based activities and social gatherings.

“Given this responsibility, I will do my best to serve the college together with my team and be the voice of the students,” said Mr. Christenson

For a start, the council assisted in organising the event titled MyConstitution Workshop with Advocates Association of Sarawak (AAS), which was championed by SEGi Law Society (SLS). The event turned out to be very successful with almost a hundred SLS members participating.

“At the same time, I will take this opportunity to improve my leadership and management skills which will be useful in assisting towards my future career advancement”, added Christenson.

The new council team consists of Mr. Christensen (President), Ms. Noratikah Binti Hasli (Vice President), Ms. Hazel Lim Ik Mei (Treasurer), Ms. Wee Wee Binti Buyong (Vice Treasurer), Ms. Seraphine Shantee (Secretary), Ms. Tunrah Binti Mohd Riduan (Vice Secretary) and Committee members, Ms. Elisa Bong Sie Kim, Ms. Alexandria Kucha, Ms. Angela Demai anak Mula and Mr. Yek Yik Fatt.

“With the new team, I believed SEGi will have another prosperous year where the entire student body can create more fond memories. By helping to organise and participating in more activities, students will develop and improve upon interpersonal skills as well as management skills, which will be a great asset upon graduation and will help towards their career,” said Madam Elina Tiu, the Principal of SCSwk.

The Student Council team is made of students who are currently studying in SCSwk from various programmes, resulting in a line-up of team members with a wider perspective from different fields.

With this new team, SCSwk is looking forward to another great year ahead.

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