4.0 GPA students receive SEGi Principal Award

Congratulation Segian High Achievers! These Principal Award students are determined to excel again in the coming semester

SEGi College Sarawak students who achieved 4.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) in their examination results were presented with the Principal Award in a ceremony held recently. The Principal Award is an award which is given only to high achievers currently studying in SEGi College Sarawak.

Students who receive this award are entitled to a partial scholarship that covers 50% of their tuition fees for the coming semester.

The recipients of this award came from the Diploma in Early Childhood (DECE), Diploma in Law (DIL), Diploma in Hotel Management (DIHM), Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT), Diploma in Accounting (DIA) and Foundation in Commerce (FIC) programmes.

The hard working achievers included Ms Sally Sim Boon San (DECE), Ms Maria Olga Anak William Poro (DECE), Ms Elisa Bong Sie (DECE), Ms Lee Yau (DECE), Ms Sandra Grace Chung Nyuk Kim (DECE), Ms Angela Chan Lee Sien (DECE), Mr Derrick Moh Ka Yew (DIL), Mr Selan Anak Egoh (DIHM), Ms Jocilyn P. Binuya (DIHM), Ms Kuan Lee Jun (MLT), Ms Alicia Kuan Lee Ching (MLT), Ms Kuek Sze Yee (MLT), Ms Teo Yu Yun (MLT), Ms Ng Hui Lee (MLT), Ms Tan Sie Hui (MLT), Ms Chua Ni Ni (MLT), Mr Ng Sze Mien (MLT), Ms Tan Shien Nie (DIA), Ms Jenny Lai Sze Fung (DIA), Ms Wong Siew Huong (DIA), Ms Bong Suk Ngo (FIC) and Ms Jolynn Tan Moh Hoon (FIC).

“Education is very important. With the Principal Award, students feel encouraged to improve in their studies and strive for good results. Plus, the scholarship they receive along with the award is an added bonus”, said Madam Elina, Principal of SEGi College Sarawak.

Mr. Derrick Moh, one of the proud recipients of The Principal Award generously shared his study tips. The first thing he mentioned is hard work.

“Time management is important and I always plan my study routine, especially the 1 or 2 months leading up to exams. I will also make sure not to over-study”, said Derrick.

“Students should have a positive mindset towards examinations because if you approach them as obstacles you will be instantly discouraged. Student should think of examinations as a self development check point”, added Derrick.

SEGi College Sarawak is also giving Scholarships to high achieving SPM 2012 students, as well as financial assistance in terms of study loans to eligible applicants.

All SEGi College Sarawak programmes are recognized by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA).

For more information on scholarship application, call our toll-free number 1-300-88-7344 or 082 – 252566, call Segi College Sarawak Recruitment Centre Sibu (084 329566), call Segi College Sarawak Admission Office Kota Kinabalu (088 485883) or email us at infoswk@segi.edu.my.

You can also visit our main campus during office hours at 211, Jalan Bukit Mata, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak (Mon-Fri: 8:30am to 8:00pm; Saturday: 8:30am to 4.15pm; Sunday: 10:00am to 3:00pm) or visit any of our roadshow venues. Log onto our website at www.segi.edu.my for details.

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